Zray Paddle Board Review

The Zray Inflatable Paddle Board is an inflatable, portable paddle board. The purpose of this article is to take a look at the board and to provide an unbiased Zray Paddle Board review. Doing so requires taking a look at not only the basic specs of the board, but also the advantages and disadvantages of the product, opinions on the product from other users, and even how to put the product together. A quick video of the product will give you a good idea of how it works, but the review will help you to determine whether it is worth your time and money.

Zray Inflatable Paddle Board

Load Capacity 1 Adult; 264 lbs/119.7 kg
Material Drop-stich PVC/Fiber
Weight 28 lbs/12.7 kg
Dimensions 9’9″ x 30″ x 6″ / 2.97 m x 76.2 cm x 15.24 cm
Price Range Medium

Top Features of the Zray Paddle Board

Zray Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Other Important Specs

Fins: Yes – one.
Handles: No
Carry bag: Yes – included
Seat: Yes
Recommended PSI: 15 PSI
Warranty: No
Accessories: Air pump, floating aluminum oar, water-proof phone case, carry bag, SUP seat
Comes with great accessories, including a seat.
Fairly easy to move around, store, and pack up.
Sits high on the water.
Very easy to control for beginners.
Feels very sturdy.
Able to handle more weight than you might think.
Large for a single-person board.
You’ll want to replace the pump immediately.
Paddle is cheap and breaks easily.
Can be a little less stable than most advanced users would like.

Product Recommendations and Opinions

Recommended level: Casual/Amateur

Realistically, this is the kind board people use when they’re just getting started with paddleboards. That’s not a bad thing – it generally means that the board is easy to use, responds well to attempts to steer, and won’t cause too many problems on the water. It won’t do anything special and it certainly doesn’t have any fancy features, but it is a lot of fun if you’re looking to have a day out on the water.

The board can be used by advanced users, but it tends to fall apart in a few key areas. It’s not stable enough for long-term standing and there are some issues with air pressure that can make sustained, long-term use more difficult than it needs to be. If a user is just looking for a fun day on the water, though, this is a great choice.

There are a few common issues that tend to pop up across the various user reviews that we’ve seen during this Zray Paddle Board review. These common opinions include:

  • The board holds more weight than one would think.
  • It’s very easy for a parent and child to both ride on the board.
  • The board is incredible easy to assemble and put away.
  • The board is solid and doesn’t feel like it’s going to pop or cause problems on the water.
  • The included pump is terrible, and users would be better off buying an electric pump.
  • The included oar also tend to break, though the board can easily be steered with a cheap kayak oar.

How to Assemble the Zray Paddle Board

One of the most important factors in this Zray Paddle Board review is the ease of use of the board, and that includes how easy it is to assemble the first time. Users tend to praise the ease of getting the board up and going, largely thanks to the straightforward nature of assembling the product. Assembly can be done in the following steps:

  1. Unroll the deflated board.
  2. Attach the pump to the port.
  3. Pump the board up to 15 PSI.
  4. Remove and cap the port.
  5. Slide the fin into position on the bottom of the board.

Paddle Board Maintenance

  • Regardless of the decision you make after this Zray Paddle Board review, you’ll need to know how to take care of a paddle board. Below are the basic steps you need to make sure you follow to keep your board in good condition:
  • Wipe down and dry off your board after every use
  • Unscrew or open your vent plugs when not using the board
  • Make sure the board is dry before putting it in the storage bag
  • Store your board out of the sun, fin side up

Featured Video

While this Zray Paddle Board review has a lot of information, you might want to take a look at the board itself. One of the best ways to do so is by watching the video below:



This Zray Paddle Board review finds the board to be a solid, if not particularly professional, stand-up inflatable paddle board. The board itself is great for casual users and comes with some nice accessories, but you’ll need to go shopping to replace the defective pump and easily-broken oar. If you take away those minor defects, though, you’ll find a board on which you can have a great time.

This is only our opinion, though, and you may have your own. If you have thoughts about the board or our Zray Paddle Board review, make sure to share them with us today.

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